733Anniversary (D)2'nd Wed10aEtobicoke
571Antiquity4'th Tue7:3pWeston
599Astra Mt. Dennis4'th Wed7:3pWestonwww
713Bridgewood (D)2'nd Sat10aEtobicoke
343Georgina4'th Fri (exc. Dec - 2'nd Fri)7:3pEtobicokewww
749HeredomSelected NightsTBAWestonwww
305Humber1'st & 3'rd Thu7:3pWestonwww
655Kingsway3'rd Mon7:3pEtobicokewww
600Maple Leaf1'st Tue7:3pEtobicoke
369Mimico2'nd Tue7:3pEtobicokewww
339Orient1'st Wed7:3pWeston
630Prince of Wales4'th7:3 pWeston
65Rehoboam1'st Thu7:3pEtobicoke
644Simcoe2'nd Thu7:3pYorkwww
510Sunnylea2'nd Wed7:3pEtobicoke
575Trillium2'nd & 4'th Mon7:3pEtobicoke
537Ulster3'rd Mon7:3pWeston
410Zeta Shamrock2'nd Tue7:3aWeston

Weston Temple

Brethren, take notice that the schedule and buildings our Lodges meet within are very different than last year as Weston Masonic Temple has recovered from the fire.