Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario - Provincial Grand Lodge for Ontario. Look here for a current list of links to all recognized Grand Lodges in Canada and Internationally along with District Lodges and more.
Masonic Foundation of Ontario - To provide a means for using the Craft's financial resources for the benefit of the community at large within the Province of Ontario.
MasoniChIP Child Identification Program of Ontario - Child identification program sponsored by the Masonic Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario and working with regional and national law enforcement agencies. Masons helping you protect the ones you love.
The Ontario Mason Magazine - The official e-zine of the Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario.
Heritage Lodge #730 - To ensure the preservation of our Masonic Heritage.
Supreme Council - Scottish Rite of Canada - Supreme Council of the 33'rd degree, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry of Canada. "To seek that which is the most worth in the world; exalt the dignity of every person, the human side of our daily activities, and the maximum service to humanity; aid mankind's search in God's universe for identity, for development and for destiny, and thereby achieve better men in a better world, happier men in a happier world and wiser men in a wiser world.
Valley of Toronto - Scottish Rite - The Scottish Rite within the Greater Toronto Area serving all of the Toronto Districts including Toronto Humber Valley District. For more information on membership visit the Valley of Toronto Lodge of Perfection and Sovereign Chapter Rose Croix.
SRCF Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation - Making grants available for charitable purposes to any educational or other charitable organizations, which carries on it's work solely within Canada. The Foundation has been since its conception and continues to be, an example of benevolence without ostentation and assistance without self-interest.
Royal Arch Masons of Canada - The Royal Arch is the first step in York Rite Masonry. Here within the Chapter you will receive the necessary instruction and information to fill in some of the missing pieces from the Masonic history taught in the Masonic Lodge. The Chapter is referred as Capitular Masonry, providing a member the opportunity for further advancement within the brotherhood.
The Sovereign Great Priory of Canada - The Sovereign Great Priory is the governing body in Canada of the United Religious, Military and Masonic Orders of the Temple and of St John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta -- the chivalric orders in the York Rite of Freemasonry or Masonic Knights Templar.
Rameses Shriners
DeMolay Ontario - Young people face many tough situations. DeMolay provides a place where young men can try new experiences and have social interaction with peers in an environment where they will be safe and supported. DeMolay members learn responsibility, respect for others and how to interact with adults – both as authority figures and as coworkers.
Job's Daughters International JDI - Job’s Daughters International allows girls and young women to bloom into their confidence to become the leaders of tomorrow. This confidence and leadership development lets Job’s Daughters soar into adulthood with the set of skills needed in today’s world.
The International Order for Rainbow for Girls - The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls is a non-profit youth group that teaches girls what matters most - leadership, confidence, and citizenship. Every day, across the globe, hundreds of thousands of girls come together to laugh, share, and grow through fun events and challenging workshops designed to empower girls of all ages.

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