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I found incorrect information / my lodge information is wrong or missing / How do I get this corrected? Print

The information on the Toronto Humber Valley District Website that is specific to a certain lodge is not maintained by the District Webmaster. Instead, information specific to your lodge including Calendar events, Lodge information and Events is maintained by a lodge district website representative. Each lodge has one or more district website representatives.

Any changes or corrections to information regarding your lodge, as well as articles, news, event announcements, calendar events or other additions that you feel should be made to the Toronto Humber Valley District Website, should be done so by contacting the rep. in your lodge. This rep. has the capabilities of making changes and additions to this site.

Please do not contact the webmaster or other committee members regarding changes to this site unless you have already spoken with your lodge representative about this.

NOTICE: There has not yet been a district website representative chosen for each lodge in the Toronto Humber Valley District. The District Webmaster has yet to visit each lodge and have them pick a representative. If you are reading this, and are not aware of a rep. in your lodge, please contact the district webmaster using the 'District Contacts' page on this site, and I will visit your lodge next to explain this to you. This is a time consuming task as you might imagine in an already busy masonic year for me. My goal is to have a rep. chosen for each lodge, and trained by the end of the 2008-2009 masonic year. Until then, if you have an item that is important, and needs to be added to this site, please contact me regarding this. - Bro. David Traves UPDATE (Sept.2008): I have decided rather than attempt to train each individual lodge representative on how to make additions and update this site, I will create training videos instead. I am currently in the process of creating these videos that will be available to each lodge representative in the help section when they are logged in. Please be patient while I create these, it is a very large undertaking.   Bro. David Traves - Webmaster.


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