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NOTE: To navigate this help section, and to view the Frequently Asked Questions use the links in the 'Get Help On...' menu to the right of this text.

    To get the most from this website, please read about some of the advanced features and services that it can provide to you like RSS feeds to provide you with updated information without having to visit this site (Getting the most from THVDW), and the Calendar sort features (Using the Calendar), and more.


Quick Look

  1. Search Box - type a search word or few (e.g. "kingsway" to search for kingsway lodge, or "join masonry"). You do not have to press enter after typing your query. After a few moments, the most likely results will display. To View the full results, press enter, or click the more results button.
  2. Site Links - Most of the content is found in the drop down menu under 'THV District'. Hover your mouse over this title to display links to District News & Events, Articles that have been archived, District Contacts, a Photo Gallery and more.
  3. Heading - Advertisements for things like Friend to Friend night, or the district Golf tournament may be displayed here. These events are also listed in the Calander and/or News & Events area(s).
  4. Message - The current message from the DDGM, PDDGM, and the webmaster are displayed here, along with a tab labeled 'More Info' Click more info tab to display information regarding the Advertisements above.
  5. Latest News - Links to the latest news and events are listed here. These are the same as the News & Event articles listed in the News & Events area under the heading 'THV District'
  6. Downloads - The latest Toronto Humber Valley District Trestle Board can be downloaded and/or viewed in .PDF format in this area. Occasionally there may be other downloads in this box.
  7. Polls - You can participate in polls that will help the District committees better understand your needs here.
  8. RSS Feed - If there is an RSS Feed available for the area of the site that you are visiting, there should be an RSS link in this portion of the site. Newer browsers will also inform you of available feeds. To read more about RSS feeds, and what they are, click the 'Getting the most from THVDW' link in the Help / FAQ area of the site.


District News and Events

    From the Toronto Humber Valley District News and Events area, the most current news article is at the top with the next newest articles listed below.

    It is important to know that the entire News article may not be complete and only a small portion of the article is shown on this page. This will allow you to know what the article is about briefly without displaying the whole article.

To view the complete News or Event article, click the 'Read more...' button located at the bottom of the Intro of each article.

    Click the 'RSS Feeds' link (Orange icon) underneath the THV Downloads area to feed this page to your favorite RSS Reader, or RSS enabled browser like Internet Explorer 7. To learn more about RSS and enabling feeds on this site, click the 'Getting the most from THVDW' link in this help section to the right of this article.

    The latest 10 to 20 articles are displayed on this page. You can find articles older than this at the bottom of the page under the heading 'Older District News and Events'. Each article's title is listed here. Click the title to view the full article.


Very Old Articles (Archives)

    We have chosen not to delete information from this site for archival purposes. To view articles that are no longer current (e.g. An event that has passed, a very old article) visit the Archives to search for the article you are looking for.

    When looking for an article in the archives, you can input certain keywords in the Filter box. You can also specify the Month and/or Year that the article appeared. You can choose to use any or all of these options to filter the records. When you have chosen your keywords and/or Year and month, press the Filter button to display the results. (you do not need to specify a keyword(s), you can search by date only)

NOTE: the regular search function located in the top right portion of this site does NOT search the archives. This is so that you do not return 20 results for a Golf tournament when searching for that only to find that most of them are not current.


Article Features

    When reading a full article, you can save the article in .pdf format, print the article in a printer friendly format and/or e-mail the article to yourself or a friend by clicking the appropriate icon at the top right of the article as displayed in the picture to your right. You can hover your mouse over each of the icons to display their function before you click.

    The author of this article and the date it was written is displayed in the upper left hand corner underneath the title of the article. 


Get Help On...

Found An Error?

Have you found an error or mistake on this site? Lets get this corrected?  Click here to find out who to contact.

I've got a question...

   We all have many questions. Some have answers. If you have a question that you want to ask the webmaster or someone else in the district (e.g. How do I join?, How do I get Calendar Events added etc...), please view the Frequently Asked Questions area first by clicking here.

   We are all busy, and would appreciate you finding your answer on this site first if it was already asked before contacting us. Thank you!

Get More...

This website has many features. It includes RSS Feeds to inform you of updates to district News, Subscriptions of Calendar Events and much more. Click here to go to the HELP section of this website to learn more.

There are also many advanced features available to Toronto Humber Valley Masons. If you are a member of the valley contact your District website representative in your lodge for more information.