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Welcome brethren. If you are here visiting our District on the web, or your a member of
Toronto Humber Valley District. Let us know you've been here. Travel well.

Bro. Gino Novia     10 September 2013 16:02 | Toronto
Great webpage Dave. I definitely appreciate your efforts.

michael k jenkins     19 March 2013 17:37 | Dominican Republic..Sosua
Maple Leafe lodge 600

Michael k Jenkins     19 March 2013 17:33 | Dominican Republic, Sosua
Hi to all my Brothers Travel well

R.W. Bro. 'N' Fred Bryant     15 January 2013 02:17 | 'The' Victory Lodge No. 547
Happy New Year Brethren: One
of Excellent Health & Prosperity for all of 2013!

G'Dy Brethren, I'm still in
Eastern Canada & was check- ing the O.V.'s of the D.D.G.
M. for Jan. 21, 22nd.! My Yahoo acct. had all it's data purged, so I could call
Wheel Trans! Taak to ya when I'm back!

Nina     03 April 2012 04:25 | tUAmZaQqqCwdLGt
RW Triano, So GLAD to hear from you again! Your visit to our Lodge was most informative, and we look foarrwd to seeing you again. As in most all of Florida's Masonic activities, if you are a Mastermason and have the proper credentials and documentation, you will always be welcomed as a Brother by any Lodge. Of course, we also know you have sat in Lodge with us and can also vouch for you. This post hereon refers specifically to a trip and tour of our Grand Lodge building in Jacksonville with several Past Grand Masters, and of course, it is open to all Masons and their families. Just contact the District Deputy, or any of the 17th Master's and Wardens Association Officer's for tickets and details. Our Grand Lodge annual formal Stated Communication session, if that is your interest, is held every Memorial Day week (usually starts on Sunday and ends Wednesday), usually at the Rosen International Plaza in Orlando, also in our District. Attendance is upwards of 2000 Mastermasons from all the Florida Lodges and visiting dignitaries. You would be required to either preregister with Grand Lodge in Jacksonville, and also show your credentials at the hotel with the Returns and Credentials registration desk to get your entry badge the day of your visit. Hope you can work us into your very busy schedule, I really enjoy your posts on Facebook!

R.W. Bro. Errol A. Stewart     22 March 2012 09:15 | Astra Mt. Dennis Lodge # 599
The Calender does not reflect the activities of the District. Well done David

W.Bro. Jim Johnston     16 February 2012 19:35 | Birch Cliff, East Toronto District
Congratulations on a great web sight.
Nice to see brothren who used to be in District 3

Bro. Ronel Manabat     04 January 2012 12:02 | Remembrance Lodge No. 586
Fraternal Greetings to all THV district Brethren. Awesome Website (very imformative and helpful).

Happy New Year to everyone!!!

Bro. Ronel Manabat
Remembrance Lodge No.586
Filcan Cabletow Service Club

V.W. Bro. Kent C. Harrington     09 May 2011 12:22 | Trillium Lodge # 575
I have heard of this site and I visited it today May 09/2011. I a beautifull Web Site.

Bro. Colin Michael     18 April 2011 07:59 | Defenders Lodge 590 (Ottawa District 2
Brilliant website. Brilliant video and presentation (Masonry Right Here Right Now) which was circulated to our Lodge.

Suresh Melwani     14 January 2011 15:10 | Georgina Lodge #343
Bro. Traves, I congratulate you on an excellent job with this web-site. I wish you great success in the future.

Mark Zalesky     22 October 2010 23:51 | "343"
All the best in the new 'lodge year', I hope to visit as much as You do at
Georgina !

V.W. Bro. Kent C. Harrington     23 September 2010 12:07 | Trillium Lodge #575
The site was well done.

Bro. Alex F     14 September 2010 21:30 | True Blue #98 Bolton
Hello Toronto Humber Valley District. Congratulations Bro. Terrance Van Horne and to all of Simcoe Lodge #644 for an outstanding evening on September 13th 2010. Thank you for having me at your magnificent installation, I will truly remember that ceremony for a very long time. I hope to visit the THVD again in the near future. And might I add what a fantastic job on this web site, very informative, innovative and resourceful. Take care fellow brethren!


Bro. Alex F
True Blue #98 Bolton

Felipe Carmona     16 June 2010 16:06 | King Hiram Lodge 566

Just browsing and I saw this website. Excellent job on this web page. Easy to use, layout is right before your eyes. Awesome work.

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