Toronto Humber Valley District is under the juridstiction of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario. The following Grand Lodge officers serve to better our lodges, our district and our craft.

David J. Cameron
Grand Master

Most Worshipful Brother David J. Cameron, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario.

Thomas Hogeboom
Deputy Grand Master

Right Worshipful Brother Thomas Hogeboom, Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario.

D. Garry Dowling
Grand Secretary

Most Worshipful Brother D. Garry Dowling, Past Grand Master and Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario.

Brainerd Blyden-Taylor

Right Worshipful Brother Brainerd Blyden-Taylor, District Deputy Grand Master of Toronto Humber Valley District.

Grand Lodge Officers

These members of Toronto Humber Valley District serve within the following offices at Grand Lodge.

NameGrand Lodge Office
R .W. Bro. Terrance Van HorneMember of the Board
V. W. Bro. David TravesGrand Sword Bearer
V. W. Bro. Robert FooteGrand Steward

District Committees & Members

Your district does not govern and run itself. These are the hard working members of our District who plan and engage the lodges in all aspects of it’s function.

District AmbassadorW. Bro. Carl IgnatiusAmbassadorAntiquity
Brother to BrotherW. Bro. Nelson LisboaTeam LeaderHumber
BenevolenceR.W. Bro. Dennis BlakeTeam LeaderSunnylea
Masonic FoundationW. Bro. Wayne VollikTeam LeaderMaple Leaf
Cornerstone ProjectBro. Nilo EspinoTeam LeaderTrillium
District Awards ProgramR. W. Bro. Harry SomirTeam LeaderAstra Mt. Dennis
District Charity ProjectW.Bro. Stephen MagwoodTeam LeaderUlster
Masonic Regalia ChairmanR.W. Bro. Victor CodatoTeam LeaderAnniversary
Social Event GalaBro. George BaukTeam LeaderTrillium
Social Event GalaBro. Larci BautistaTeam AssistAstra Mt. Dennis
Lodge ResourcesW. Bro. Baris TuncertanTeam LeaderHumber
Computer Resources & WebsiteW. Bro. David TravesWeb MasterKingsway
Social MediaR. W. Bro. Victor TavaresTeam LeaderHumber
NewsletterR.W. Bro. Tony FernandoTeam LeaderAntiquity
Friend to FriendW. Bro. Kevin HoTeam LeaderAstra Mt. Dennis
District HistorianR. W. Bro. Harry P. SomirHistorianAstra Mt. Dennis
Long Range PlanningR.W. Bro. Terry McLeanTeam LeaderSunnylea
Long Range PlanningR. W. Bro. Bob CollinsTeam AssistTrillium
Long Range PlanningR. W. Bro. Gareth TaylorTeam AssistKingsway
Long Range PlanningR. W. Bro. Eugene PalacolTeam AssistTrillium
Long Range PlanningR. W. Bro. David StevensTeam AssistMaple Leaf
Masonic EducationW. Bro. Jim JackTeam LeaderVictory
LibrarianW. Bro. Jorge EyzaguirreTeam LeaderTrillium
LibrarianBro. Cesar NoriegaTeam AssistUnity
Mentor ProgramR. W. Bro. Fahir BenlieTeam LeaderSimcoe
Master & Wardens AssociationW. Bro. Baris TuncertanPresidentHumber
Master & Wardens AssociationBro. Frank CruzVice PresidentZeta Shamrock
Master & Wardens AssociationW. Bro. Stephen MagwoodSecretary / TreasurerUlster
Advisors to the D.D.G.M.R. W. Bro. Errol StewartAdvisorAstra Mt. Dennis

Past District Deputy Grand Masters

The following brethren have served the Toronto Humber Valley District as District Deputy Grand Master since it’s inception.

2006-2007R.W. Bro. Paul MonaghanTrillium
2007-2008R.W. Bro. G. Robert BarkerUnity
2008-2009R.W. Bro. Gary J. BryanMimico
2009-2010R.W. Bro. Andrew TurkHumber
2010-2011R.W. Bro. Eugene P. PalacolTrillium
2011-2012R.W. Bro. James G. VaskoUnity
2012-2013R.W. Bro. Dennis R. BlakePerfect Column
2013-2014R.W. Bro. Harold ClarkeGeorgina
2014-2015R.W. Bro. Tony FernandoAntiquity
2015-2016R.W. Bro. Harry P. Somir Astra Mt. Dennis
2016-2017R.W. Bro. Fahir BenliSimcoe
2017-2018R.W. Bro. Victor TavaresHumber
2018-2019R.W. Bro. Harry AnsaraSunnylea